Sunday, 8 November 2009

Your Creativity

One of the reasons why MyCreativity is so powerful, is that there is no methodology built into the tool. All rules and phrases are provided by users, or supplied as libraries.

We were speaking with a BT business manager recently and asked them the type of questions they would ask about 'useful' things. To our surprise they suggested:

     How long will this continue to be useful?
     Is there a hidden cost in this?

By contrast, an innovation consultant, trained in innovation methods, would probably have said:

     Find a way to enhance or increase this.
     Do we need this in the system? (ideality)

We continuously find that consultants, analysts and engineers, working in very different fields, come up with very different questions, suggestions and directions to apply to their models. Taking the BT 'business' example above, it could be expressed in MyCreativity as:

useful "How long will {this} continue to be useful?"
useful "Is there a hidden cost in {this}?"

Applying this rule set to a typical business situation may produce the output:

How long will 'extending the product line' continue to be useful?
Is there a hidden cost in 'extending the product line'?

Applying the same rule set to the situation of pollution in Antartica arising from illegal shipping in the area, may produce:

How long will 'Enforcement of regulation and treaties' continue to be useful?
Is there a hidden cost in 'Enforcement of regulation and treaties'?

Same rules, different context. We recommend that whenever you develop rules for MyCreativity that you try them out on different models in different fields. It can be very revealing.

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