Sunday, 8 November 2009

SWOT analysis

//SWOT version 0.1
//Use with SWOT grid (menu Insert - Quickgrids)

* "Strengths: {@strengths}"
* "Weaknesses: {@weaknesses}"
* "Opportunities: {@opportunities}"
* "Threats: {@threats}"

harmful "How can {this} prevent us meeting our goal(s) {goal}?"
useful "How can {this} be changed so as to help meet our goal(s) {goal}?"
goal "How could any of these factors: {harmful} jeopardise meeting the goal of {this}?"
* "What new strengths can be created from {this}?"
* "What new weaknesses does {this} expose?"
* "What new opportunities arise from {this}?"
* "What new threats does {this} create?"

@strengths "Is there a relationship between strength {this} and any of these opportunities: {@opportunities}?"

@strengths "Can we use strength {this} to counteract any of these weaknesses {@weaknesses}?"

@weaknesses "Is there a relationship between weakness {this} and any of these threats: {@threats}?"

@weaknesses "Are there any risks to our opportunities {@opportunities} that arise from weakness {this}?"

@threats "Are there any risks to our strengths {@strengths} that arise from threat {this}?"

@opportunities "How could threats such as {@threats} cause a problem to {this}?"

Here is an example of using these rules to analyse a SWOT chart:

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