Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Your First Creativity

useful "How can we increase {this}?"
harmful "How can we decrease {this}?"
produces(, harmful) "How can we prevent {source} from producing harmful {destination}?"
counteracts(, useful) "How can we prevent {source} from counteracting useful {destination}?"

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Introducing Southbeach | MyCreativity

Beyond Mind Maps and static diagrams. Southbeach | MyCreativity is the first interactive upgrade for the Southbeach Modeller. It brings models to life by activating agents and effects in the model to match rules that you define and which express Your Creativity. The output generated guides you in performing problem solving, innovation and other creative tasks.

Rules are written in a simple 'English like' language. Anyone can use MyCreativity - from school children to PhD scientists. Write rules that capture the way you work and make Southbeach Modeller emulate hundreds of creative and problem solving tools. Many of these applications will be well known creative people, innovators, problem solvers, engineers and consultants.

In this blog we'll be introducing you to the ideas behind Southbeach|MyCreativity. We will provide many examples for you to try. Since rules are simply text, you can copy them into the Modeller and adapt them to your purposes. Whether you are looking for a simple 'improvement' rule set, or a sophisticated 'problem solving method', this blog is where we will explain how. As you learn, you will grow your creativity and problem solving skills.