Saturday, 7 November 2009


//Southbeach 09
//As you click around any model, this helps you learn the notation
//The Explain tab in Properties panel is also very useful



useful "{this} is useful"
harmful "{this} is harmful"
neutral "{this} is neutral (unknown, undecided)"

issue "{this} is an issue (a question)"
choice "{this} is a choice (a decision)"
action "{this} is an action (an intervention)"

insufficient "{this} is insufficient"
dysfunctional "{this} is dysfunctional"
potential "{this} is potential (unrealized)"
surplus "{this} is surplus"

goal "{this} is a goal"
risk "{this} is a risk"
focus "{this} is our focus"

process "{this} is a process"
service "{this} is a service"
capability "{this} is a capability"
function "{this} is a function"
quality "{this} is a quality"
thing "{this} is a thing"
resource "{this} is a resource"
event "{this} is an event"
idea "{this} is an idea"
trend "{this} is a trend"

// effects

produces (,) "{this}"
counteracts (,) "{this}"
creates (,) "{this}"
destroys (,) "{this}"
stores (,) "{this}"
consumes (,) "{this}"
opposed (,) "{this}"
is_a(,) "{this}"
causes (,) "{this}"
prevents (,) "{this}"
related (,) "{this}"
becomes (,) "{this}"
replaces (,) "{this}"
user_defined (,) "user defined effect: {this}"
implements (,) "{this}"
specifies (,) "{this}"
contributesto (,) "{this}"
detractsfrom (,) "{this}"
uses (,) "{this}"

useful(,) "It is useful that {this}"
harmful(,) "It is harmful that {this}"
neutral(,) "It is neutral that {this}"

insufficient(,) "{this} insufficiently"
dysfunctional(,) "{this} dysfunctionally"
potential(,) "{this} potentially"
excessive(,) "{this} excessively"
emphasis(,) "{this} is emphasized"
not(,) "{from} does not {effect} {to}"

necessary(,) "{from} is required/necessary to {effect} {to}"
inevitable(,) "{from} inevitably {effect} {to}"
delay(,) "{this} with a delay"
questionable(,) "it is questionable whether {this}"

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