Friday, 13 November 2009

Subprime creativity!

Window Pane models, like this, are effective as Southbeach models. In this case, the roles in the subprime crisis (homeowner, financial institutions, etc) are plotted against causes and enablers, effects and impacts and responses.

Using Southbeach rules (MyCreativity), it is possible to write stimulating questions that can help analyse the situation. For example:

* "Do the responses in the housing market: {@response+@housing_market} counteract effects occuring in the wider economy: {@effect_impact+@economy_markets}"

or this rule:

harmful+@effect_impact "What could {this} do to our response as viewed from the economy: {@response+@economy_markets}"

Clicking around the diagram generates statements using the words in the model.

Using this technique,  and different window pane models, it is possible to build up a set of 'best practices' for analysing and modeling many different types of situation. Typical window pane models could be as shown in the Quick Grids menu, or create your own by choosing separation axes and labels.

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