Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dialog Mapping

This screenshot illustrates a Dialog Mapping template, being used to guide a workshop. The rules that generated the output are included below:

// Dialog Mapping v0.1
// Build a dialog mapping application in Southbeach.
// Pros and cons can be represented as Useful and Harmful agents
// Questions can be represented as 'Issues' (synonym)
// Proposed solutions as 'Actions"
// Set defaults for the effects ContributesTo and DetractsFrom as they are relevant in this modeling context
// Use agent symbols for extra clarity, e.g. ?, +, -

* "What are the questions we need to ask about {this}?"
* "What ideas do we have around {this}?"
* "What the pros and cons of {this}?"

* "Ask all the key questions, e.g. what the key questions around {this}?"
* "Make the case for key ideas, e.g. what is the case for {this}?"
* "Make the case against key ideas, e.g. what is the case against {this}?"
* "Endorsements, e.g. who supports {this}?"
* "Validation of the criteria, e.g. what criteria apply to {this}?"
* "Making the decision, e.g. what decisions need to be taken in respect of {this}?"

action "What are the pros of {this}?"
action "What are the cons of {this}?"
action "What further ideas does {this} suggest?"

agent+harmful "What could prevent, eradicate or counteract {this}?"
agent+harmful "Does {this} have an upside (pro)?"

agent+useful "Does {this} have a downside (con)?"
agent+useful "Is {this} a real benefit?"

issue "Other than {action}, what further ideas does {this} suggest?"

* "Other than {issue}, what additional questions does {this} raise?"

useful+!goal "Is {this} a goal? - if not mark it as such"
harmful+!risk "Is {this} a risk? - if not mark it as such"

goal "What resources are required to achieve the goal {this}"
risk "What can we do to mitigate the risk of {this}"

* "What does {this} mean?"
* "What is {this}? Is {this} true?"
* "What should we do about {this}?"
* "How should we do it?"
* "What are the relevant criteria around {this}?"
* "What is the background to {this}?"
* "Who are the stakeholders of {this}?" question
* "Closed question:  Should we {this}?"
* "Open question:    What should we do? {this}?"

#dialog.pros and cons
useful "We have plenty of pros for {this} - are there harmful side effects? What are the downsides/cons?"
harmful "We have plenty of cons for {this} - are there useful side effects? What are the upsides/pros?"
useful "Is there a strong case for {this}?"
useful "Is it the right thing to do?"
useful "Do we have support for {this}?"
useful "How could the case for {this} be questioned?"
useful "What types of criticism could arise?"
useful "Who will object to {this} and why?"
useful "What's the defence against critisim of {this}?"
useful "Is there anything we have forgotten? Is there anything to add?"

* "What are the criteria around or for {this}?"
* "Other than {goal}: What other goals could {this} could us to achieve?"
* "What are the requirements?"
* "Does {this} require resources? What do we need?"
* "Does {this} imply constraints? How can we meet them?"

* "What does {this} mean?"

* "What is the backgroind to {this}?"
* "What is our context?"
* "Why are we doing {this}?"
* "Tell the story of {this}?"

* "Who are the stakeholders for {this}?"
* "Who cares about the outcomes of {this}"
* "Whose buy-in is critical for success?"
* "Who should the stakeholders be? shall we involve them"

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