Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Jeremy Worrell, managing consultant at Fujitsu Services, has developed a set of MyCreativity rules for use with Southbeach Modeller. They help with the structured exploration of problems and opportunities according to Edward de Bono's TOLOPOSOGO stages. Jeremy has kindly agreed to share them with the community. Feedback is welcome to the address given below.

// Jeremy Worrell's Creativity at Work MyCreativity Library

focus "Might the real focus be broader or narrower than [this]?"
focus "What is it about [this] which really demands some new thinking?"
focus "Would strong thinkers consider [this] is the best focus?"

goal "Might the real focus be broader or narrower than [this]?"
goal "What is it about [this] which really demands some new thinking?"
goal "Would strong thinkers consider [this] is the best goal?"
goal "Could we be more ambitious than [this]?"

agent "What else do we know about [this]?"
agent "Does [this] have any unique features?"
potential+useful "How can we get more of [this]?"
potential+useful "What else is needed to produce [this]?"
potential+harmful "What can counteract [this] so we don't get as much?"
*(, harmful) "What intermediaries lie between [from] and [to]?"
* "Who else knows about {this}? What light can they shed?"
* "Where is {this} used? What does that tell us?"
* "What is the life-cycle of {this}? What did it come from? What does it turn into?"
questionable(,) "How can we verify {this}?"
* "How can we quantify what we know about {this}?"
questionable(,) "What disagreement is there about {this}? How can we be more objective?"

agent "How could we re-state [this]?"
agent "What synonyms are there for [this]?"
harmful "What's the very worst form [this] could take?"
useful "What would be a perfect extreme of [this]?"
agent "What analogies are there to [this] in related worlds?"
agent "What are the fixed features of [this]?"
harmful "Who might think [this] is actually beneficial?"
produces(&a=agent, useful) "What other benefits could [&a] bring?"
agent "How would my thnking heros handle [this]?"
harmful "Counteract [this] with a magic agent?"
useful "Create or boost [this] with a magic agent?"

produces(, harmful) "What could change about [from] to reduce [to]?"
produces+insufficient(, useful+goal) "Could we add more [from], or a different sort of [from]?"
produces(&a=*, &b=useful) produces(&a, &c=harmful) "Could we change [&a] to get [&b] without [&c]?"
action "What else might happen if we [this]?"
useful "Who might seek to oppose [this], and why?"
goal "Will [this] meet legal and compliance constraints? If not, how could we adapt it?"

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