Thursday, 22 April 2010

Simple service blueprinting

The grid tool in Southbeach can be used to create swimlanes for simple process mapping, in this case a service blueprint. This allows for the definition of creativity rules associated with swimlanes. Here is a simple set of rules to guide a service blueprinting workshop:

#service blueprint.simple

@evidence "Model the customer action associated with {this}?"

@customer "What does the customer come into contact with as a result of {this}?"
@customer "What happens on-stage (visible to the customer) when the customer action is {this}?"
@customer "After {this} what does the customer do next?"

@onstage "Model the customer action associated with {this}"
@onstage "What happens back-stage (invisibile to the customer) in support of  {this}?"
@onstage "What materials or information are needed to achieve {this}?"
@onstage "After {this} what next is visible to the customer?"

@backstage "Model the on-stage activity associated with {this}"
@backstage "What support activities are carried out by other functions - employees & systems - that are necessary for {this}?"
@backstage "After {this} what next is invisible to the customer?"

@support "What does {this} enable us to achieve back-stage?"
@support "What does {this} enable us to achieve on-stage?"
@support "Is there more than {this} required?"

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